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As early as 1835, German American, Dr John, in New York, beginning a career in optical products imported from Europe, but it didn't take long, Dr. Got caught up in the near collapse of the plight of bankruptcy. Henry Aaron, thanks to good friends, to his last only sixty dollars funded company, the company only needs to maintain and to survive. Company is by Dr John and Henry Aaron surname, officially named Dr. Aaron co., LTD. Since then, bausch & lomb company business progresses day by day, until become a household name brand companies in the United States today.

One day, an American air force lieutenant to the bausch & lomb company. The air force lieutenant in 1923 for driving small aircraft and popularizing across the Atlantic, Ray Ban Sunglasses have very rich experience in flight. He was deeply strongly in the practice of the flight, the worries of the sun, after the return to base, even nausea, vomiting, headache, dizzy, adverse reactions, so feel the pilot really need a pair of sunglasses can absorb much light. Bausch & lomb company began developed according to the requirements of the air force lieutenant put sunglasses.

Into the 1940 s, rayban for the U.S. air force produced are tilted on the surface of the mirror sunglasses, provide users with maximum eyesight protection. During the second world war, American pilots, dressed in a leather jacket, wearing a novel rayban sunglasses appear in all over the world, the image of natural and unrestrained yingwu, greatly improved the rayban sunglass popularity all over the world. At the time, even the us five-star general MacArthur often wear a sunglasses,Ray Ban Outlet is also a rayban products. Like ZIPPO lighters, experienced a rayban sunglasses for world war ii, became one of the symbols of American troops and at the end of the war as a fashion product, quickly catch on around the world.

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