The 2017 Wisconsin Family Ties Annual Outcomes Assessment, a modified version of the well-known Family Empowerment Scale (FES), was proctored to a stratified random sample of program participants (n=43 / 10% of the population; response rate = 66%). Findings indicated that parental empowerment increased over the course of one year, and that lives were positively impacted. Highlights include:

  • 100% of parents engaged with the Parent Peer Specialist Program noted an increase in their own empowerment
  • 95% of parents agreed that they are a better advocate for their child since connecting with a Parent Peer Specialist
  • 81% of parents agreed that their family situation had improved since engaging with Wisconsin Family Ties services
  • 95% of parents believe that Wisconsin Family Ties helped them to know the steps to take when concerned about the services the child is or is not receiving
  • 95% of parents indicated that after receiving help, they fell more capable of dealing with the various systems service their child
  • 71% of patents agreed that they are more satisfied with the school plan for their child since receiving help from Wisconsin Family Ties
  • 91% of patents indicate that they feel more hopeful about the future since engaging with their Parent Peer Specialist
  • 28% of parents noted that,if for the intervention of Wisconsin Family Ties, their child would no longer reside in the home.

The study concluded that engagement in the Wisconsin Family Ties Parent Peer Specialist Program was related to an increase in parental empowerment and therefore improved outcomes for children. Further, the resultant reduction of children placed in an out-of-home setting as a result of Wisconsin Family Ties services has the potential to save tax payers between $17,000 and $130,000 annually per child.

For more information about the 2017 Annual Outcomes Assessment, please contact:

Robyn F. Hardt-Schultz, Ph.D.,
Director of Program Evaluation at Wisconsin Family Ties.