Date:  December 3, 2018
Contact: Hugh Davis, Executive Director – (608) 267-6866;

“Extraordinary Session” Attacks Democratic Norms,
Threatens Wellbeing of Children and Families

Madison, WI – The peaceful transfer of power is at the core of democracy.  The changes proposed in AB1070, AB1071, AB1072, and AB1073 undermine that fundamental concept, and stand to threaten the wellbeing of families that include children with mental and behavioral health challenges.

The legislature’s actions stand in stark contrast to the note left by President Bush 41 to incoming President Clinton on inauguration day, in which President Bush wrote, “You will be our president when you read this…  Your success is now our country’s success.  I am rooting hard for you.”

The idea of the losing side stripping powers from an administration before it can take office should be abhorrent to all Wisconsin citizens, especially when it impairs the ability of state agencies to serve the people of the state.

Wisconsin Family Ties, Wisconsin’s family voice for children’s mental health, is a parent-run nonprofit organization serving families that include children with social, emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges.  Founded in 1987, its mission is to change lives by improving children’s mental health.


Available via The Wheeler Report
See also Wisconsin Family Ties Testimony, Joint Finance Committee, 2018-12-03