What They’re Saying

We are making changes across the state of Wisconsin. Who better to ask than our families?

“She gave us confidence as parents and taught us how to be advocates for ourselves and our son. She gave us emotional support and told us that we were good parents. She educated us about the IEP. She offered us hope that we could do it. They were a lifeline. We really felt like someone understood what we were saying and going through.”

“She’s a huge support at school. I wasn’t aware of several things she brought up. She’s very strong with evaluations and getting us what we need. She helped me push for meaningful goals. She has really gotten to know our family and connected with us on a personal level. She totally wants to be there.”

“I’ve been able to more [better] advocate for my son. I am a special education teacher myself, so it makes it harder to ask for more when my friends are stretched so thin. [PPS] helps with this. When things get tough, and they do from time to time, it is such a gift to have [PPS.] She is so kind and loving. She keeps our morale up for our family.”

“Without Wisconsin Family Ties, I would have no support person, no one to help me advocate. I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Being supported and present. Stephanie is someone who knows what is going on. It is like getting someone to add their voice [to mine]. Wisconsin Family Ties is a good program. It’s a struggle when you’re alone. With Stephanie there is someone who knows what’s going on.”

“As a single parent it’s good to have someone who’s knowledgeable about IEPs and other services. Sandy’s been a pretty strong advocate. She does a great job. I wish I would have known about WFT when my daughter was younger, when she first got her IEP.”