Kathy and her son are back together in their own home. When we first met Kathy (not her real name) two years ago, that outcome didn’t seem likely. She was living in a women’s shelter and receiving treatment for heroin addiction. During her time at the shelter, she relapsed.  She was homeless, unemployed, and her son, who has mental health challenges, was in foster care.

Wisconsin Family Ties believes that all human beings are capable of, and desire, growth and improvement. We walked alongside Kathy, without judgment, providing emotional support and helping her navigate complex service and treatment systems for her and her son.  Kathy worked hard…really hard. Today, she has a job, her own apartment, and has been reunited with her son.

Kathy’s story is just one from the nearly 500 families that were helped by Wisconsin Family Ties in 2017. You can help write the stories for hundreds of other families by donating to Wisconsin Family Ties.  Because our help is needed more than ever, your help is needed more than ever.