Changing Lives by Improving Children’s Mental Health

“[Wisconsin Family Ties’ parent peer specialist] gave us confidence as parents and taught us how to be advocates for ourselves and our son. She gave us emotional support and told us that we were good parents. She educated us about the IEP. She offered us hope that we could do it.They were a lifeline. We really felt like someone understood.”
Mother of Middle Schooler

What would happen if all children experiencing social, emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges were put in a position to thrive in their schools and communities? What if all families of these children had the tools and support needed to help navigate the complex system of care necessary for the unique needs of these children?

Wisconsin Family Ties believes that all children deserve educational opportunities that foster success, service systems that are equipped to detect and effectively treat mental health issues, and communities that recognize and plan for their needs.

Above all, we believe that children belong at home and that parents are the experts on their own child’s needs. They should be respected collaborators in the conversation related to the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the services in which their child is involved. Parents don’t have to be perfect, but they do deserve judgment-free acknowledgement of their strengths and support to meet their self-identified needs.

Wisconsin Family Ties believes that all people are capable of, and desire, growth and improvement. We walk beside families to provide emotional support while helping them to navigate the complex service and treatment systems with which they are involved.


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